Beth and Bill Russell enjoy the food and camraderie. / ANDRU MCCRACKEN

Hundreds came out to support the Valemount Bike Park at the Caribou Grill.

Rudi and Patricia Thoni came up with the chili fundraiser idea and donated all of the amazing food.

According to VARDA manager Curtis Pawliuk $3700 was raised towards the future development and maintenance of bike trails in Valemount.

“This was all Patricia and Rudi’s idea and I was blown away at the support for the community,” said Pawliuk.

Above: Chelsea Dee, Randy Pruden and Dan Beavan, cope with chaos in the dish pit. Below, L to R: Power cyclers Maymie Tegart and Tanner Ross check out awesome items at the silent auction. Chef Rudy Thoni and assistant Connor Sparks prepare stunning desserts.