Zincton Mountain Resort proposal

June 25, 2020 The Goat
David Harley is hoping to rejuvenate the community of New Denver with a ski hill radically different from other BC ski hills: it combines lift access with backcountry skiing. If constructed it would be one of the lowest density ski areas in the world. […]

Hummingbirds of the Robson Valley

June 16, 2020 The Goat
Curtis Culp is a longtime hummingbird enthusiast and research contributor through his banding work in the Robson Valley, but he hadn’t considered publishing his knowledge until recently. […]

Bike Park opens, gets upgrades

June 13, 2020 The Goat
While the Valemount Bike Park trails are open top to bottom and it’s open to locals and visitors alike, the access road is getting fresh gravel and a new Swift Creek Expansion is underway, but it’s not business as usual. […]

Grizzly love story?

June 10, 2020 The Goat
As always it’s so exciting to film grizzlies closeup in the wild. The sow grizzly was feeding on the spring beauty flower bulbs and grasses on a mountain slide and then crosses over a fast moving mountain river… […]

News in Brief: Berg Lake Trail update

May 22, 2020 The Goat
BC Parks has updated its information regarding Mt. Robson Park. Last week the Goat reported that the Berg Lake Trail is closed to day-use. The trail is also closed to overnight use until further notice (reservable Berg Lake campsites usually open on June 1st). […]

News in Brief: Mt Robson Marathon cancelled

May 21, 2020 The Goat
The Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association (YORA) has made the decision to cancel this year’s Mt. Robson Marathon slated for September 12th along the Berg Lake Trail. YORA President Patricia Thoni said it was a hard decision. “They were talking about all events in summer, but we’re so close to summer and really the beginning of September is considered summer, and with everything going on we thought let’s cancel.” […]

News in Brief: Lucille Mountain Rescue

May 20, 2020 The Goat
Robson Valley Search and Rescue responded to a call from three snowmobilers on Lucille Mountain at 11:30pm May 2nd. According to the weekly incident report, two members of the SAR team responded to the call and met the snowmobilers on their way out. […]
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