Bioenergy company hoping to set groundwork for 2020

May 25, 2019
By Andru McCracken Some real life pioneers will be attending McBride’s upcoming Pioneer Days, pioneers in the field of biomass energy. Vice President of Borealis Bioenergy Company Glen Kindallen said that they have decided to […]

55+ housing complex proposed

May 24, 2019
By Andrea Arnold Doug and Christine Monroe care deeply about the valley and want to see it thrive. They have seen many old timers move to larger cities, away from family, to live in facilities […]

Man convicted in 2018 vehicle Theft

News and Views
May 24, 2019
By Andru McCracken When RCMP spotted a pickup truck pulling a jet boat through McBride last year, something didn’t seem right. It was, after all, December. Police tried to stop the vehicle, but the Christmastime […]

Locals react to forest spraying

May 21, 2019
Andru McCracken Some locals are calling into question the widespread use of a notorious herbicide known as glyphosate to manage unwanted tree species in local forests. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in many pesticides, including […]

Pipeline digs to test integrity

May 20, 2019
By Andru McCracken Trans Mountain pipeline is conducting integrity digs throughout the Valemount area and it has piqued the interest of Peter McCartney, the Wilderness Committee’s climate campaigner. According to Trans Mountain, a new in-line […]



Global Thoughts: War in the Gulf?

May 20, 2019
By Gwynne Dyer Donald Trump is well known for his desire to cut American military commitments overseas. But his attention span is short, he plays a lot of golf, and he does not have the […]

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