By Andru McCracken

Valemount and Area Recreation Development Association manager Curtis Pawliuk is asking visitors to refrain from visiting the Valemount Bike Park until COVID restrictions are lifted, and calling for locals to help get the trails into shape for the season.

Even though riding will be just for locals for the foreseeable future, Pawliuk said there are new rules to follow.
“¢ Recreate only with immediate family and housemates in small groups
“¢ Practice very low risk riding – we do not need to be a further burden our health services and first responders
“¢ Maintain physical separation of at least 2 meters between yourself and all other trail users. Some stats out there are showing that this distance should be much greater for ultimate personal protection.

Pawliuk says the only trails that are rideable so far are the Swift Creek Loop along the creek to the picnic table lookout and Munday Grind climbing trail (although there are no downhill trails open yet).

“We need dry weather and some love and we should be good,” he said.

If you find yourself on a trail and things start to get squishy, Pawliuk implores you to get off and walk to avoid damaging the trail.

If you are up for some pre-bike season soulful utilitarian isolation, consider bringing a rake to Munday Grind, Bacon, Moby Dick, Inversion or the Lower Provincials trail.

Rakers should remove needles and leaves from the trails and ditches and attempt to clean debris out of culverts.

There is a new sticker enroute for those who have become bike park members for 2020.

“While this may be a bit of slower summer visitation wise, we still need the support from our members to help fund maintenance, future construction, events and general trail needs!” said Pawliuk.

This year the park will construct 18 km of new trails.