By Laura Keil

Valemount and Area Recreation Development Association (VARDA) has been approved for $109,460 from the Province’s Destination Development Fund to enhance the Valemount Bike Park with the addition of four new sections of mountain bike trail.

“VARDA is overflowing with gratitude for the Province of British Columbia’s generous support,” says VARDA GM Curtis Pawliuk. “We are hoping that all of these additions add variety to our already amazing trail system.”

This summer’s construction projects will add roughly 4.5km of trail to the network. Two of the projects are extensions to existing trails. Hit the Brakes on the Swift Network and Firebreak within the Valemount Bike Park with both receive extensions that he says will make the trails more exciting. They are also adding a new flow trail off Hit the Brakes in the Swift Mountain network to add some variety to the more traditional style trails in that area. The last addition will be a 1km black-rated trail off of the north end of Plaid Shirt. Pawliuk says currently there is only a green trail down from this end and it is not very exciting to more intermediate riders.

“These new trails will not only entice mountain bikers of all skill levels but also attract visitors from far and wide, boosting tourism and driving economic growth within the Valemount region,” he says. “VARDA is deeply committed to ensuring that the benefits of this grant remain firmly rooted in the Valemount community.”