What a week

July 10, 2020 The Goat
There is no doubt that the events of last week have altered lives in the valley. Aerial photos of homes and outbuildings covered in mud debris are heart wrenching. It’s no small miracle that no one was seriously injured. […]

Leadership and place

July 8, 2020 The Goat
What you want in a leader really depends on the time. If the course is smooth, the waters well charted, people have the luxury of choosing a known quantity to help maintain the good times. […]

Like a fish in water

June 23, 2020 The Goat
A lot of us have either grown up here or been here so long we’re enmeshed in the social fabric around us. Our relationships and habits are like water to a fish. We don’t much notice them. […]

Floyd, Dickens and me

June 10, 2020 The Goat
Let’s not smirk as we look south to the chaos raging over racism and police brutality in the United States after the death of George Floyd on May 25. […]

Tiny Houses loom large

May 31, 2020 The Goat
The Tiny House Warriors had no idea why locals had gathered near them last Sunday on the road to Murtle Lake. As Kanahus Manuel filmed the residents, more than 60 metres away, she guessed why they were there and what they were doing. […]

Backlash in Blue

May 27, 2020 The Goat
Last week my article about the violent confrontation between three men and a woman and the Tiny House Warriors provoked a strong reaction from some in the community of Blue River. […]

Hard question, tough answer, repeat

May 15, 2020 The Goat
It seemed like an innocuous question, but when McBride resident Jason Gardner wondered whether vacant houses in the community could be used by people looking for a home in an online post, he almost broke the internet. […]
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