Collateral Damage

January 18, 2020 The Goat
By Gwynne Dyer One of the major causes of death for airline passengers in recent decades is being shot down by somebody’s military. Accidents account for nine-tenths of all deaths in civilian airline crashes, and […]

Three strikes and you are out

January 15, 2020 The Goat
CN didn’t mean to crash a train at Moose Lake. It just happened. There were probably some mitigating factors that made operating a 96,000 tonne train through a mountain pass even more difficult than usual. […]

Soleimani Killing

January 8, 2020 The Goat
By Gwynne Dyer, If the Iranians played the game the same way that Donald Trump does, then their revenge for the American assassination of Iran’s leading general, Qassem Soleimani, would be a simple tit-for-tat. Just […]

Spotting miracles

January 5, 2020 The Goat
By Andru McCracken There has been much written about gratitude and its salutary effects on people and society, that’s not what this editorial is about, instead it’s about the really important role of the third […]

Climate Denial — A New Strategy

December 21, 2019 The Goat
By Gwynne Dyer What a surprise! The annual emissions report by the United Nations is now out, and greenhouse gas emissions are still going up thirty years after we first realised there was a problem […]

It’s about to go downhill

December 15, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken It’s time to take the next steps towards developing skiing in Valemount. At a recent annual general meeting of YORA more than 50 people attended. Why? On the agenda was a plan […]
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Editorial: Sleep away, serial killer

December 5, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a woman with an unsettling story of being stalked in Prince George. It happened two years ago and triggered a police review which has […]

No one wants to raise taxes

November 24, 2019 The Goat
By Laura Keil “No one wants to raise taxes.” This was repeated by Council members at last week’s Council meeting where Council unanimously agreed to raise water and sewer rates by 8.5%. I’m going to […]

Fragmentation: The Tribalisation of Politics

November 21, 2019 The Goat
By Gwynne Dyer In most democratic countries economic self-interest is no longer driving voters’ choices. Tribalism is taking its place, and that is not an improvement. Take three quite different countries, all unable to get […]
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