In my dream the mighty and corrupt
have suddenly lost their power
the Earth has recovered from the damage done
clean air carries the scent of Calendula Flower.

In my dream empathy is considered important
a basis for kind and selfless acts
when you’re able to imagine the needs of others
it’s helpful to straighten out the facts.

In my dream equality is not just a promise
you have the right to speak, have a voice
to feel supported makes one so much stronger
as well as the freedom to have a choice.

In my dream a love lasts forever
it doesn’t wrinkle and shrink with age
instead it deepens, grows solid and steadfast
with every chapter, every turn of a life-story’s page.

The alarm-clock rings, my wishes turn to fog
my brain has played tricks on me
but hope remains, that maybe one day
what I long for will be reality!

Maria Lerch
Valemount, BC