By Laura Keil, Editor/Publisher

After speaking with so many new residents this week, it’s hard not to feel like change is in the air. And while calling it a “wave” may be overstating it, it reflects a greater trend all over the globe of people packing up and heading somewhere new during this pandemic.

But some of the people we spoke to arrived before the pandemic. They came for the lifestyle and picked up jobs along the way or could already work from home. The local dream of this area finally attracting “lone eagles” or “amenity migrants” feels like it’s finally coming true. At least three of the people we spoke to mentioned the bike park as a key reason for their move. Others mentioned more outdoor opportunities for them and their kids as being a primary driver.

Whatever the reason, these new residents are a huge asset to our communities. And while their faces may be hidden under masks right now, pretty soon we’ll have a lot more familiar faces.