The veterans who risked so much and paid so dearly to preserve our freedom will be rolling over in their graves as they watch us just shrug our shoulders and let freedom go almost without comment. Society is being split into sides. Some are not allowed to attend public events.

Some who disagree with the dominant narrative, are not allow to speak, their platforms on the internet deleted, put off youtube and facebook.

And now, health care systems changing the rules of employment such that we are losing doctors, nurses and ambulance attendants as well as other support staff. Can you imagine the courage it takes for a person to not only lose their job, but risk losing a profession that they have spent years and much money to train for? And I wonder how many others have felt coerced, not having a choice, other than no food and no roof overhead for their family.

What is happening with all the rights and freedoms that are listed on our constitution that were so valiantly fought for? Freedom of speech, freedom to gather, freedom of religion, freedom of medical choice, the right to not be a part of any medical experiment without informed consent. Coercion is not consent.

How can we believe our leaders really care about our health when they change the rules of employment such that we lose so many staff, just when they declare a health crisis? A friend of mine used to say “If at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger hammer.” But what if we try a different tool?

The countries like Israel who have mandated the most shots, now 3 and 4, are still having the most illness. Other states like Florida and Norway who have quit the masks and lockdowns are finding the illness rate decreasing. Still other countries are finding that there are simple and effective ways to treat the illness. But do we even hear of them with the censorship of news? Are we asking questions when some things don’t make sense?

If we really live in a democracy, then differing opinions and questions should be welcome, and maybe some people exploring the use of different tools to solve a problem will find a better answer than just using a bigger hammer.

Laurel McKirdy
Valemount, BC