Louis Pool is looking forward to welcoming guests to the Robson Valley this camping season. /ANDREA ARNOLD

By Andrea Arnold

Newcomer to the Robson Valley, Louis Pool, was recently able to fulfil a long held dream of owning and operating a campground. He has purchased the Beaver View RV Park and Campground located just outside McBride along the Fraser River.

“I love the mountains and the water,” said Pool. 

After living on Vancouver Island for 20 years, he was ready for a change, and began looking for his next endeavour. 

“The opportunity presented itself. The business was turn-key and right next to the river. It was perfect.”

Pool grew up in the Netherlands and Switzerland. He says that the Dutch population does the most camping out of the European countries. Although he has experience camping, and has worked in the hospitality industry, running a campground is new territory.

“It is an adventure,” he said. “As people age, many regret that they have worked too much and didn’t try more new things. I wanted to get out of the rut, out of the box, and achieve a dream.”

Pool does not have plans to make any big changes as he works through this first season. Regular maintenance and operation of the 45 sites and the campground facilities are his primary focus. 

In addition to overnight guests,the campground is open for monthly rentals during the operational season. At this time, Pool plans to have it open until the end of September, but says that could be extended.

Pool is a well-seasoned traveller and has lived in four countries. He is looking forward to setting down roots in the valley, but also plans to continue seeing the world.

“I will do some travelling in the off-season, but I am looking forward to experiencing Robson Valley winters,” he said.