by Andru McCracken

Rob Squires may be the most popular air guitarist trail maker in the Valemount area – perhaps less for his air guitar and more for his trail work. Squires is working for Darcy Ruddy building Valemount Bike Park’s newest, and easiest downhill run. /CURTIS PAWLIUK

Opportunities for low-skilled riders will improve drastically this summer at the Valemount Bike Park with a brand new beginner downhill bike trail. It is the first green run of its kind in Valemount. It is an easy if sometimes steep trail, but the emphasis is on an easy to ride trail. According to builder Darcy Ruddy of Jasper, the new, as-yet-unnamed trail tested well with young riders.

The trail starts high up the mountain at the 3 kilometre mark where the epic black run Tinfoil Hat begins, and it continues down to the park’s favorite run, Bacon.

Ruddy said the trail is ideal for biking with children, because there are options for parents to take more difficult lines that meet up with the main trail. Ruddy calls them ‘Dad lines,’ and proposed that name for the trail. The idea that riders of mixed abilities can enjoy riding together. It also features some optional jumps to help improve rider’s skills when they are ready.