photos courtesy Sydney Philpott

Halle, under the watchful guidance of her father, Pastor Stewart, shows of her skills on the climbing wall. The climbing wall was built for an obstacle course in the summer, and has an adjustable pitch. Pastor Stewart had just added a new route to the wall this week. /SYDNEY PHILPOTT

Josh’s Place is held every Thursday at the E-Free church in McBride. The group is for elementary school aged kids (but honestly looks like it could be a blast for anyone).

What can sometimes look like wild free-for-all, is a really great place for kids to socialize, try some exciting activities like indoor rock-climbing, skateboarding, ping-pong, or board games, or just to play a fun game of tag.

Volunteers in the kitchen serve up healthy snacks -there was an impressive mound of carrots and celery there on Thursday- and all the volunteers look like they’re having as much fun as the kids.