Dear Editor,

Wow, what an article.

I was so very surprised to see such a tribute to Robert Frear; many a pioneer has come gone in our valley with not a word said.

Reading through I “oh?” “Wow!” And “ah’d,” many times reading things I knew about, but didn’t realize Robert had done or was involved in. It was quite informative and entertaining. And what wonderful pictures.

But, after reading your article I found myself thinking you did not mention Robert’s most prized accomplishment: His beautiful daughter, Keely.

I have never once had a conversation with Robert that he didn’t bring up how she was the light of his life. How He was so, so, very, very proud of her.

He always talked of how they were hooked at the “hip,” and how when she was younger, he took such pride in teaching her everything, and I mean everything.

From repairing engines, to rock collecting, to dune buggy rides.

His daughter was like a sponge. Robert only wanted her to be strong and independent because he knew she was already beautiful, duh!

The one thing he talked about mostly was when the two of them shared “the special dad and me days at the river.”

He loved her very much and was so, so proud to be her dad.

He was so happy to see the beautiful, special young lady she has grown into today…  So, I’m going to have to disagree with your title, as I find it’s a little misleading.

I think “A legacy of Robert Frear” (would be more fitting).

We all go through life and do things, but Robert’s greatest legacy is his beautiful daughter.

Just my thoughts, and I’m sure Robert is smiling down on us right now going, “Thanks, Lyn.”


Lyn Schock

McBride, B.C.