Dear Editor

A small group of concerned members of VSCHS (Valemount Senior Citizen Housing Society) have been meeting to arrange a discussion with the board on various changes and actions that the board has taken. We want to discuss this in an open and honest way with all the facts and information on the table. It has been one of our group’s biggest goals. 

We want a general meeting for all members and to this end we sent the board an official request on Jan 30. It has been almost two months now and our request has been ignored. 

(The society act states that a request by 10% of the members of a society must be honoured by its board and a meeting called within 21 days of the receipt of the requisition. Article 74 BC Societies Act.)

Instead, we were invited to a board meeting. Thinking that we may have an opportunity to voice our concerns, those of our group that were able to attend did. Unfortunately, once there, we were informed that the only way we would have had an opportunity to talk was if we had previously asked to be included on the agenda. Because they had invited us, we didn’t realize that we would need to ask to be on the agenda. 

All of a sudden the board is all over process and protocol? Why didn’t they include that piece of information in their letter? 

Is it because they do not really want to hear from us at all?

This is not what I mean by open and honest conversations.

Boards are meant to serve their members. Conflicts happen and peoples opinions vary but discussion is the only positive way to resolve conflicts.

This is my community. I want to feel comfortable with people here even if our opinions differ.

I am very disheartened by the board’s actions and by what I perceive as game playing rather than working towards an honest resolution.


Cathy Greenhough