In this supercharged time where emotions are running high, I want to open a discussion on “truth.” I recently had someone tell me that if the majority of people agree then it is truth. My response is that truth is not based on the number of people who agree or disagree. As Dr. Robert Malone quoted St. Augustine “Truth is like a lion. It does not need to be defended. Let it loose and it will do its job.”

In a letter to the editor someone stated an opinion about the COVID vaccine. And the basis of his truth is because mainstream media has told him so.

My question is, where would you go if you were seeking medical advice? Would it be the legacy media?

For me, it would be based on their qualifications. It would not be Neil Young. In this area, even doctors are divided. It becomes a challenge. My struggle is that when media publishes there is only one answer and shuts down any open debate in this area, something is wrong. When people who have qualifications to address this area are being shut down in an attempt to silence their voices, something is wrong. When governments feel they can remove the licenses of dissenting health care providers and fire them, something is wrong. Even with the truckers’ convoy, the discrepancy between mainstream media and what video feeds are showing is staggering. Even our government characterizing the truckers as terrorists, racists, etc., something is wrong.

I would encourage each person to go beyond the rhetoric and look at what “the other side” is saying. Go see what Dr Robert Malone is saying in Joe Rogan’s interview with him. And there is Dr. Peter McCullough as well. Try going to the Canadian COVID Care Alliance website.

There is also the question of disrespect, of lack of civility. Does receiving what is perceived to be a threat of violence mean I can respond in kind? My experience is deescalation works much better.

Eugene Jamin
Valemount, BC