Valemount water treatment shortage pump failure

The water could be on again by 8:30pm, according to the most recent information released from the Village of Valemount Monday afternoon.

Mayor Andru McCracken says they have high confidence the water could be running again this evening.

A new pump is in place and is pumping water to the treatment plant located roughly 60 feet above the creek, but not at the same capacity as the normal pump. Since the reservoirs are empty, it could take up to 24 hours to fill them. The taps will not be open until the reservoirs are full/close to full, to ensure backwash doesn’t happen.

The village says a technician from Kamloops is coming up to look at the original pumps to see if those can be fixed as well. Unless the water can be pumped faster (other complications won’t allow it), residents could be looking at no water until tomorrow afternoon.

Several people outside village limits have volunteered to give people water from their wells. Jugs of water are also available for purchase at the IGA.

Taps ran dry this morning after the village water pumps malfunctioned, and the reservoirs were drained by use within a day.

The original pumps were damaged during flooding in June when Swift Creek swelled its banks and were currently under repair.

The Valemount Fire Department is aware of the situation and prepared to continue residential fire protection while the water is off using other water sources.

Even when the water is turned on, water restrictions will remain in place and will consist of the following:

Reduce frequency or duration of the following:


· Toilet flushes

· Laundry

· Dishwashers

Avoid the following:

· Watering lawns