By Andru McCracken

A year ago engineers finished installing a new water intake system for the Village of McBride, replacing an old above ground concrete intake that was beyond its useful life.

While the new system aims to settle out sediments suspended in Dominion Creek before it enters the water treatment plant, a challenging spring runoff is forcing the community to initiate a boil water advisory.

Chief Administrative Officer Sheila McCutcheon said they are working on reducing the length of the boil water advisory by monitoring the water more closely.

“Every spring is different and higher flows during the few weeks of freshet generally do not allow the finer particles to settle out of the water before entering the treatment plant,” said McCutcheon.

“This is a reality of surface water sources.”

She said the village is looking for solutions.

“We are starting the process of determining if a filtration system is warranted based on water quality data,” said McCutcheon.