The water is back on in Valemount.

The water was turned back on slowly around 6:30 and most residents had water in the taps by 7 pm.

Village staff noticed Sunday morning that the water pump had broken down and sought to get a replacement pump. They put out a water restriction for residents, asking them to conserve water as much as possible.

Taps ran dry this morning after the reservoirs were drained due to water use.

The pump arrived Monday morning, but the village had to wait several hours for the fitting pieces to arrive, and several more hours for the reservoirs to fill. The backup pump only pumped at 1/3 the capacity of the original pumps.

The original pumps were damaged during flooding in June when Swift Creek swelled its banks and were currently under repair.

Even though the water is turned on, water restrictions will remain in place and will consist of the following:

Reduce frequency or duration of:

“· Showers

“· Toilet flushes

“· Laundry

“· Dishwashers

Avoid the following:

“· Watering lawns