Very high water levels on Swift Creek have prompted the village of Valemount to caution residents about going near rivers and streams because of instability. They also implemented stage 4 water restrictions for most of Wednesday, but rescinded the restriction by evening time.

Under Stage 4 water restrictions residents should not use water for anything besides drinking, food prep and personal hygiene, as well as Fire Protection and to maintain the health and safety of people and animals.

And all bulk water sales were prohibited (except relating to Fire Protection).

The Village of Valemount’s Chief Administrative Officer Wayne Robinson said that the water treatment plant has been able to handle the reduced turbidity in Swift Creek since noon Wednesday and that water levels in reservoirs are approaching normal levels.

Trail closures remain in place

Trail #6 access from Main Street, George Hicks Regional Park and the access along the Bigfoot Trail remain closed to the public. The public is reminded to stay clear of Swift Creek as there has been significant erosion to the creeks banks in some places which may not be visible to people who approach the creek. Furthermore, the water is still moving very fast and carrying large, dangerous debris.

In a screen capture of a video, the water intake system, the dyke and are unrecognizable. (Courtesy Yvette Lavoie).

Captured by Yvette Lavoie on the bridge over Swift Creek at Main Street.