By Laura Keil

The Village of Valemount re-opened the Swift Creek Trail on Monday, but the Village says it will be repairing areas around the creek that were damaged by the high water.

CAO Wayne Robinson said erosion to the area at the base of the lookout hill will be examined by the Village’s engineer and rehabilitated this summer.
One of the concrete barriers there washed away.

“The apex of Swift creek, which experienced significant erosion will remain flagged with markers to remind the public to stay clear of that bank,” he said.

The Village will also be excavating the ‘pond’ in front of the weir for the Village’s water intake, adding four new concrete blocks to the weir, and recalibrating the intake pumps due to the impact of the water turbidity.

Robinson reassured residents that the water treatment system was operating at normal capacity, as of presstime Monday.

The Village also deactivated their emergency operation centre in response to Swift Creek water levels.

“Water levels remained more or less stable last week and never approached levels we experienced on the evening of June 23rd,” Robinson said. “Furthermore turbidity levels have dropped dramatically and as a result it is safe to reduce water restrictions to the normal operating Stage Level 1,”

During Stage 1 water restrictions residents may not use a sprinkler or irrigation system to water a lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, or vegetables on any property unless it is between 7am to 10am or 7pm to 10pm on any day of the week (residents may water any time with micro-irrigation or drip-irritation or watering with a garden hose or hand-held automatic shut-off device). Under Stage 1 restrictions, residents cannot use water to wash a vehicle unless using a bucket or a hose equipped with a hand-held automatic shut-off nozzle; or within a commercial car wash facility