For those members of clergy that are still preaching, but are now non-believers, and have been for some time, there is help at The Clergy Project. These people are ex-members of clergy and can help you to find a new way of life.

As have so many members of clergy in the past that faced the same dilemma and did not have others in which they felt they could confide, please do not do anything drastic.

For members of clergy to come out as non-believers, is extremely difficult, because those of you who do, might lose your only means of income, often you will lose your families, and those you thought were your friends. You will be shunned.

After being a non-believer for approximately five years, while still preaching, ex-pastor Mike Aus came out with his admittance on National television. If you go to YouTube Mike Aus A Pastor’s Journey to Atheism Humanists of Houston, you will hear his responses to the many questions asked by those in the audience.

As will you, if you come out as non-believers, he had and has support from members of The Clergy Project.

Although it might seem that you are alone, as you will learn, you are far from being alone.

June Vandermark

McBride BC