By Andrea Arnold

McBride Village Council member Diane Smith issued a letter of resignation effective immediately to the Village office the afternoon of Tues Jan 24.” 

In the letter she expresses regret, but feels resignation is the right move for her. Smith said that she enjoyed the experience of the last term, and was honoured to have been elected for the second time. 

“However, I have since found that I am in direct opposition on several key issues with all other members,” said Smith in the letter. “This is not an effective way to govern our community.”

She has felt the current situation has compromised her health and has made the decision to step aside in fairness to the community and taxpayers.

Having delivered the notice to the Village, Smith felt a tremendous weight had been lifted, but also heartfelt sorrow at having had to make the decision at all.

“I have valued and been proud to be a voice for the people who have supported me,” said Smith.