I was dismayed to hear that Rashmi had stepped down from her position as Valemount Cares Project Lead for Valemount Senior Citizens Housing Society. I have been interested in the project from the beginning, and have attended all the open houses and public input sessions. Hence I felt compelled to request an update. In the ensuing days a requisition was delivered to the directors to request a general meeting to ask questions. The date for the meeting hasn’t been announced yet but must be set within 60 days from the request.

After the requisition for a meeting was delivered, the members did receive a letter.

I think the directors were very careful in the wording of their letter.

But I found myself annoyed with their incomplete version of events. I found it to be a self-aggrandizing/indulgent slant that they have taken, illuminating their work with sparkling depictions of themselves and at the same time diminishing other members’ inputs.

When they depicted themselves “they acted immediately, they are well-versed and well-qualified. They have given countless volunteer hours, have worked tirelessly and take their duties very seriously to protect this project and the Society itself.”

In their letter the directors have at long last given a cursory thank you to Rashmi and they gave the Valemount Cares committee a total dismissal and dismantling. With the swipe of the wand as it were.

Rashmi and the Valemount Cares committee have also worked tirelessly, and given  volunteer hours over several years. They all have taken their duties very seriously. Rashmi is extremely well versed, and extremely qualified and took her job extremely seriously. I feel she has done an exemplary job, one that few people in Valemount could manage. She has consulted with the community countless times to gain direction as to the wants and needs of community members. She worked with the architects to make sure the building was what we wanted and needed. She has procured funding to design and build the facility that includes common spaces for seniors.

I would like to extend to Rashmi and also the Valemount Cares committee the biggest possible Thank You. From myself but also from all the future recipients of their fine work.

Cathy Greenhough

Valemount, BC