My wife Helen and I had a beautiful weekend over July 23/24 camping in the alpine meadow just down over the ridge from the top of Paradise Trail located in the McBride area. I’m sure everyone who has hiked this area can testify that this area truly is a little slice of paradise. The trailhead is located just a short drive past where the pavement ends on Mountainview Road on the right hand side. It’s about a 9km hike to the top. It’s a very good trail with lots of switchbacks. The elevation is around 8,000 feet, about equal to McBride Peak. With the snowpack melting rapidly now, the wildflowers are springing up to beautify the landscape. Pictured below are globe flowers which are one of the first alpine flowers to bloom. /LEON LORENZ
On the afternoon of Friday July 22, 2022 a group of about 25 from the Seventh-Day Adventist church left to backpack and camp from the parking lot near McBride Peak over to the Paradise Trail area. We camped overnight about halfway amid the wildflowers and continued on next afternoon to the Paradise Trail area. Many enjoyable moments and sights were enjoyed together throughout this weekend. /LEON LORENZ
Friday night the group was treated to a specular light show by the aurora borealis or northern lights. /LEON LORENZ.