It will be my last letter regarding the topic. My wife always told me that only insecure people feel the need to argue and prove a point. Sorry Alke. The Covid devil made me do it, or maybe it’s because I’m worried that history will repeat itself.

In one of the letters, it was stated that I should look at the other side, look at what other doctors have to say. It is absolutely senseless that I should spend my time reading accounts of doctors whose credentials I don’t know are true, and who want to make a name for themselves.The health ministries from many governments around the world have spent a combined time of thousands of hours reviewing the scientific studies and deciding which vaccines were safe and efficient. They have done the work for me, and this has nothing to do with listening to mainstream media.

Regarding the trucker convoys and border crossing closures, none of these were peaceful protests. It was an illegal occupation and insurrection, which our prime minister could do nothing about. The provinces decide on mandates and restrictions, and US government laws prohibit unvaccinated travellers from crossing its border. Truckers are no exception.

Truckers and their so-called freedom supporters can stage legal protests, but these people have to therefore accept the consequences of not being vaccinated: restrictions and mandates. Suck it up, you caused it. You can’t have it both ways.

And thank God for the new Emergency Measures Act which froze bank accounts to prevent these truckers from receiving money destined to support illegal operations which cost us millions of dollars a day, and cost so many hardships for so many lives.

To conclude, I am worried and scared when the next new pandemic disease comes along. Will we have learned from our past mistakes, or will history repeat itself? If we do not get an 80 per cent vaccination rate as quickly as possible, yes, governments around the world will again be forced to impose lock-downs, close businesses, impose stricter restrictions and mandates and print more money with less value. There is no choice.

Should we give people free choice regarding vaccination? Clearly, the answer is no. We have tried that, and look where it got us. An extra year of personal and economic suffering. Maybe we should follow the example of Austria, a freely elected democratic country, and impose strict fines on people who “freely choose” not to get vaccinated.

Claude Germain