Recently I watched a few different clips from the Jan. 24, 2022, 5-hour panel discussion involving Senator Ron Johnson in the US. There were many world-renowned doctors and medical experts speaking. One particular registered nurse whose specialty has been critical care and in-flight trauma, spoke about having to fight with a doctor to order an EKG for a 10-year-old because she believed he was having a heart attack. The doctor said 10-year-olds don’t get heart attacks. She said she knows, but the boy had just received the vaccine the day before. The EKG was ordered, and it was indeed a heart attack.

Harmful side effects from the Covid 19 vaccine were further supported by Dr. Richard Ursa’s comments, “You are going to harm, I don’t know how many children, by force vaccinating 16 million children” (in the US).

This is further supported by the letter to the editor in The Rocky Mountain Goat’s Jan. 20th edition of the paper that stated that Japan is now labeling Covid vaccines to warn of potentially deadly side effects such as myocarditis.

I am giving examples of incidents that are outside of Canada. However, if you go on to our own Government of Canada website, Covid-19: Vaccine safety and side effects, it also talks about mRNA vaccine side effects being myocarditis and pericarditis and Bell’s palsy. These are only ones that have been reported.

I personally know dozens of people who have had severe adverse side effects hours, days or weeks after they received a Covid-19 vaccine. I can’t list them all here, but I sure would like to. It might help parents realize that they need to educate themselves even more about whether their children would benefit if they give the vaccines to them. The experts agree that the chances of children passing away from Covid is next to zero. Therefore, do you want to vaccinate your child when there are severe side effects from the vaccines, even when the Government of Canada website says it’s rare? I know I wouldn’t.

Regena Bergen
Valemount, BC