Dear Editor:
As stated on the Agenda, the purpose of the meeting held on June 24th was to propose solutions to issues regarding the Tiny House Warriors – a fact which you did not report.
At the invitation of Stephen Quinn, all Simpcw Chief and Council attended. We started with a prayer and I told everyone that we had come to listen to our neighbours, and to work on proposed solutions.
For everyone’s safety, we had asked that the meeting set-up complied with provincial Covid-19 guidelines. We attended knowing that the RCMP had already been invited and included on the Agenda.
At the meeting, people expressed their fears and frustrations. Yes, at times, strong words were heard. But once we cleared the air, we agreed to a solution and next step – letter writing. You did not report this.
Simcpw Chief and Council, and Blue River residents will each write letters to government officials. This way, people will feel that their voice – not just that of the Tiny House Warriors – will be heard. I told the crowd that “we’ll walk together” in making our voices heard.
I remind you, Editor, that you even stood up to express your concern about potential violence. So, it worries me that you use “fight” in your headline, as this does not reflect the next steps that all agreed on.

Kukpi7 Shelly Loring