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Village of Valemount office. / RMG FILE PHOTO

By Andrea Arnold

Mayor Torgerson called the February 8, 2022 Valemount Council meeting to order.

Council requested that the request for correspondence for submission to Destination BC be removed from the agenda. The correspondence was to confirm the Village of Valemount as the lead provider of the community visitor services for a grant application.

CN Crossing arms
Council directed staff to sign the following documents in preparation for CN crossing arm installations:

  1. RSIP Crossing Warning System Agreement – Dogwood Street-CN Albreda Sub Mile 74.23
  2. RSIP Crossing Warning System Agreement – 5th Avenue Street- CN Albreda Sub Mile 74.74
  3. Notice of Work MP 74.74 Albreda Sub, 5th Avenue, Signals Modification
  4. Notice of Work MP 74.23 Albreda, Dogwood Street Signals Modification

Following the report presented to Council in the fall of 2021, CN was notified and changed the Village cost amount from 25% to 12.5 per cent without involving the Canadian Transportation Agency. Quotes provided by CN in July 2020 showed costs of $562,898 for each crossing. With a Village contribution of 12.5%, the total project cost to the community is $140,724 for both crossings.

Accounts Payable report
Council passed the motion to receive the December 2021 accounts payable report.

New Village Staff
Council moved to receive the Village of Valemount staffing update report. The following changes have been made to the Village staff roster since December 2021:

  • Darcie Kwasnycia, Administrative Services Coordinator has been promoted to include Accounts Payable Clerk
  • Stefanie Han has been hired as Administrative Services Coordinator
  • Orlanda Tassone has been hired to assist with the operations of the Visitor Information Centre, along with Ernie Romanow who joined part time in November 2021.

Village reimbursement of Woodstove exchange permit fee
Council approved the receipt of the WETT inspection report outlining the current situation regarding the lack of a local certified inspector. The report also states that when someone installs a new wood burning appliance they are required to apply for a permit from the Village at a cost of $130. WETT inspections for insurance purposes are an additional cost and must be arranged separately. With the passing of this motion, if the appliance is being installed under the Woodstove Exchange Program, the Village will reimburse the $130 fee.

Bylaw Enforcement summary
Council received the Bylaw Enforcement Summary Report for January 2022. There were eight new bylaw contraventions and two bylaw notices issued.

Development Variance Permit
Council granted initial approval to the proposed Development Variance Permit 20-01 for 1904 Cranberry Place to increase the maximum height of an accessory building to 6.43m. The proposed building would be used for a home workshop, car hoist and storage. This is .43m above the maximum accessory building height.

Airshed Management Program update
Council received the Airshed Management Program update report for information. A meeting with the Clean Air Task Force and the Ministry of Environment was held on January 18 where discussions were held around the following topics: development of an air quality website, development of a wood burning appliance registry, and improving communication and education.

Bylaws and Policies
Council approved Bylaw Enforcement Policy No. 79, 2022. The policy provides guidance to staff as they receive complaints, initiate investigations and enforcement proceedings related to bylaw contraventions.
Council approved the Village of Valemount Information Handling and Privacy Policy No. 86, 2022. This policy explains what information will be collected by the Village, how it will be used and for what purposes. Safeguards are also outlined as to how to manage privacy complaints and breaches.

Council passed the Village of Valemount temporary residential structure policy 83 2021, approved as amended. The phrase “portable building” was removed from the definition of a temporary structure leaving only RV’s covered under the bylaw.

In Camera
Council moved to proceed to in-camera for the consideration of one (1) item per Section 90 (1) (a) of the Community Charter to discuss matters related to: (a) personal information about an identifiable individual who holds or is being considered for a position as on officer, employee or agent of the municipality or another position appointed by the municipality.