By Laura Keil

Monashee Motors is ending its 24-hour towing operation and scaling back—to regular business hours.

“We just want to slow down a little bit and live a normal life so we might be able to go camping on the weekend again,” said co-owner Evelyn Wisk.

Evelyn and husband Doug Jensen won’t have the BCAA contract anymore, but they’ll continue to run their mechanical shop, propane service and do lock-out help calls during regular business hours.

Their tentative new hours will be 8am to 4:50/5.

Wisk says they’ll have a message on their answering machine with instructions to redirect people to the right towing operator outside of business hours. Customers can also call BCAA directly.

Wisk and Jensen have owned Monashee Motors since June 2009. They wish to thank all their customers for their support over the years.