By Andrea Arnold

Monashee Communications is excited to be moving ahead with upgrades that will allow customers across the Robson Valley options for improved service.

“When Monashee purchased the older Robson Valley Internet Corp’s assets, there was a significant amount of low-grade equipment, old equipment, and End-of-Life equipment that was operating well beyond its expected lifespan,” said General Manager Robert Chapman. “Monashee agreed to grandfather some of this equipment and keep it operating to sustain customer connections while spare equipment stock was utilized.”

In the years since, Monashee has continued to provide services by finding solutions for clients when issues arise with the older equipment.

Recently, towers serving McBride, Valemount and Tete-Jaune have been upgraded, and beginning May 1, 2021, service plans will change to accommodate the new high speed options. The upgrades include higher data caps, unlimited options, higher speeds and more coverage. The three existing plans, Standard, Extreme and Ultimate, will see a decrease in price, and Monashee is adding an unlimited option add-on as well.

Customers in Dunster and the greater Dunster area will see these same upgrades during this coming summer.

“We are continuing to upgrade customers who are on older RVIC 2.4Ghz and 5GHz equipment that do have Line of Sight to our new tower equipment and also customers that are willing to cut trees to obtain new Line of Sight,” said Chapman. If you have an older model system, you are on the list to receive upgraded equipment.

In spite of all efforts to create a seamless transition for customers, there are a very few with older equipment who will not be able to reconnect with the new services due to line of sight issues.

“Only about 8 customers were affected by our decision through the entire Robson Valley (McBride to Valemount / Cedarside),” he said.

The timing of this changeover was carefully thought out. The decision needed to be made, and action taken before the older equipment failed and left customers disconnected.

“This is the best opportunity for Monashee to give the few customers that were affected a head start to be able to find an alternate provider,” said Chapman. “In time, we may be able to offer the affected customers new services as we continue to install newer equipment in the Robson Valley.”

Those with newer equipment who want to switch over to a new plan on May 1, 2021, or for those unsure if they qualify for hi-speed, please contact Monashee Communications.