Time to shine!

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The Roundhouse Theatre was alive with laughter, dance, music and even a few tears on Friday night as a talented group of locals treated the full house to an old-fashioned variety show. A dapper Frenchmen bearing a striking resemblance to Dr. Taylor Martin introduced each act. About 30 children divided into three age groups showcased skills they had learned during fall sessions of Jazi Azi Dance taught by Jasmine Hoetjes. They performed under lights and to music provided by the high school drama class tech team. Phil and Melissa Boulianne provided live music as Hoetjes and her brother Jos tap danced and sang. Reps from the Robson Valley String Ensemble performed two numbers. During the second, they were accompanied by Jos and Aziz dancing the traditional Russian Hopak dance. Next came the solo acts. Two young dancers, Makayla and Brooklyn each took a turn followed by Zaina singing and playing the guitar. The evening wrapped up with a finale involving all dancers. /ANDREA ARNOLD/CARLA TRASK/SHEILAGH FOSTER/JANA MACMASTER