By Andrea Arnold

The McBride Council met for their regular meeting on August 27, 2019. The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by Mayor Gene Runtz. In attendance were Councillors Allan Frederick, Diane Smith, Lucille Green and Rosemary Hruby.

Council was presented with a motion to allow Chris Baldwin to use the McBride airport for Aerobatic Practise. The request was for approval of “Option 2” in the report presented. The option allows for Baldwin to operate over the runway, or northwest of the runway to the Fraser River, with the following stipulations:
-No passengers to be carried
-No Aerobatics below 500ft AGL
-No Aerobatics to be conducted as part of an airshow
-48 hour notice given prior to practise exercise
-Mr. Baldwin provides Aviation Insurance documentation listing The Village of McBride as an additional insured prior to first practise exercise.
-Restricted to a 5 mile radius around the airport NW of the runway
After some discussion, the motion was amended to state that Council approves Option 2 in the Report to Council, including all criteria listed, with the inclusion of surrounding landowners being contacted for their approval. This amended motion was approved by Council.

Council passed a motion directing Administration to write a letter in support of increased provincial funding for libraries to the Honourable Rob Flemming, Minister of Education.

The motion to approve the purchase of an auction item for the 2019 Northern BC Tourism Summit on October 3rd and 4th in Prince George, BC was approved by Council. Council members expressed the desire that the auction item be one that showcases local talent.

Regarding an invitation to the 6th Annual Resource Breakfast Series in September, the following Council members will be attending Resource Sector Breakfasts held in conjunction with the 2019 UBCM Convention:
Mining – Councillors Hruby & Frederick
Energy – Councillor Smith & Mayor Runtz
Forestry – Councillor Green & Mayor Runtz

Council passed the motion approving registration and payment of fees for the event and the breakfasts.

Council passed a motion for administration to request a meeting with Northern Health during the previously mentioned UBCM Convention on either September 25 or 26. Council members brought forward topics they would like to discuss with Northern Health: doctor retention, graduated living, training care aids and respite care were the few mentioned. More ideas may come forward as the meeting date gets closer.

The meeting adjourned at 7:22pm.There were no in-camera items.