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Letter: Radiation danger: get the facts

September 30, 2019 The Goat
Re: Scientist looks at nuclear fallout, Sept 12th edition Wow. Almost the entire article is dedicated to trying to convince the reader that there is no danger from the radiation. So tired of this kind […]

MCFC: new cut control period

September 30, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken The McBride Community Forest Corporation (MCFC) will soon reach an important milestone: the end of a five year cut control period. It’s been a turbulent five years, but things are looking up. […]

Local youth succeed at Valemount Funduro!

September 29, 2019 The Goat
By Jean Ann Berkenpas Two local kids participated in the Valemount Mountain Bike Park’s first enduro style mountain bike race on September 14th. Elli Taylor and Kirby Scheller both had their first experience competing at […]

Chain-up chain reaction

September 28, 2019 The Goat
By Goat Staff Commercial truckers will now face higher fines for not carrying chains when required, as well as not installing them during mandatory chain ups on B.C. highways. During previous winters, drivers faced a […]

An affordable geodome

September 26, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken John Christison said he used to be a taker from the food system, but after years of hard work and experimentation he’s now become a food producer and a major one at […]
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