The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.
Leonardo Da Vinci

This letter could be a ploy to gain more footage for the Big Foot sculpture, but with one foot in the grave
I am hoping it has not faced its final de-feet. There was hope that the vision of a local artist would
sweep the community off their feet but instead seems to have got off on the wrong foot. Recently
having had the rug pulled out from under the Foot has been a real disappointment.

Let’s take a step back and not get caught flat-footed without considering the awesome sculpture
proposed. The Valemount Arts and Cultural Society and the Columbia Basin Trust have footed the bill so
there was no cost to taxpayers. The Big Foot sculpture has a foot in two camps. Not only is it an artistic
expression by an artist living in the community but also represents putting one foot in front of the other
along the Big Foot trail. We must be careful not to shoot ourselves in the foot and turn down projects
that will have our community land on its feet. It is not meant as a centerpiece and has been designed
for a place on the Big Foot trail to be discovered as you put your right foot forward on the walk.

So please don’t drag your feet and let our community become soul-less. Help the artists in the
community get a foot in the door. Help public art get a foothold in the community. It will bring the
world to our feet and be much enjoyed. Then be footloose or put your feet up knowing that you have
stood on your own two feet to support your community.

Please direct all footnotes to the Village of Valemount. P.S.
Thank you CBC Daybreak North for the inspiration.

Neysa Weatherbee
Valemount, BC