When the Big Foot Trail opened I was delighted. Here is an idea to help people be more on their feet on a perfect smooth trail. But when walking the following winter I saw very few people on this excellent clean and safe surface.

Yesterday when I opened the paper I saw a foot diagram and thought it matches perfectly with my Sole to Scalp fascia activation course. I was delighted.

But the second look made it clear this foot had nothing to do with reflexology nor with my course. It was an illustration of a monument.

A monument forming a foot is like an inspiration, a wish. “Stay on your feet. Use your feet.” What a great idea.

Aches and pains involving neck, back, knees and hips mostly start with a lost arch and weak foot muscles and hardened fascia (not only in feet). Can you imagine even your back or spine problems could be caused by foot problems? All of this is created by too much sitting and lack of movement.

Isn’t a foot monument a great idea to inspire people to be more active? For me this is about creating a more healthy community.

Christa Maxeiner,

Valemount, BC