Ignorance is bliss

May 22, 2017 The Goat
by LOU MAZE RMG Humour Writer If people are talking about you, it means you are not dead. If they are saying only nice things, it means you are. Some people obsess about what others […]

Mushroom Magic!

May 22, 2017 The Goat
by ROSS BALLARD It seems spring is finally here, and for all of us Fungi Lovers it will soon be time to dust off our baskets and head out into the forest once more, guidebook […]

Community continuity

May 22, 2017 The Goat
by EVAN MATTHEWS, editor I had an interesting conversation this week with someone from Dome Creek. The person is involved in the business community and spends time in all of the valley’s towns and villages. […]

Dishonest drivers get nabbed

May 21, 2017 The Goat
Robson Valley Police Report – May 2 – 15 Submit by Cpl. Jason NASH Valemount RCMP May 2: Valemount RCMP were patrolling Highway 5 south of Valemount when they conducted a traffic stop with a […]

McBride Bike Park update

May 21, 2017 The Goat
by EVAN MATTHEWS McBride’s mountain biking infrastructure will continue development this summer, as the valley aims continued efforts at attracting tourism. Slowly but surely, the Robson Valley Mountain Bike Association (RVMBA) is working to finish […]

Taking back the backcountry

May 20, 2017 The Goat
by EVAN MATTHEWS Locals are working with their politicians to keep access to the Dore River Valley as backcountry roads are threatened with closures. Forestry companies originally installed many of the Robson Valley’s Forest Service […]

Careers in Healthcare: UNBC reaches out

May 18, 2017 The Goat
by EVAN MATTHEWS UNBC is taking steps to further address healthcare workforce shortages in an innovative and engaging way. Going back to 2010, The Healthcare Travelling Roadshow is a grassroots initiative addressing rural healthcare workforce […]

5th Avenue gets new biz

May 17, 2017 The Goat
by EVAN MATTHEWS Ruth Hanus is bringing a new business to Valemount’s 5th Avenue; a business she says that will rely heavily on customer testimonial and communication. The owner of 5th Avenue’s newest store front, […]
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