Why do we need to move from the present library & museum building?

The present building which is 49 years old with two 30 year old additions requires extensive renovation to extend its life and would still not provide adequate space.

The museum stages history shows, art workshops, traditional skills workshops and interactive demonstrations in a 20 ft. by 24 ft. room. There is no additional room for storage of artifacts and archival papers; no room for workspace and certainly no room for staff. Any downloading of historical pictures and information onto the museum website would be done in a cramped back room in the Annex building with no access to either drinking water or to a washroom. These amenities are located in the library building. Another option would be to work four blocks away from the museum at the CREDA office.

The library provides new books, magazines and DVDs on a monthly basis. On any given day people are prowling the stacks looking for the latest book in a series, the latest season of their favourite TV mystery, or just a movie to provide an evening of relaxation. Friends are socializing among the stacks and discussing the latest Canada Reads offering or a new gardening idea in a magazine. Children are sitting around their table laughing, chatting while colouring or looking a picture book. Teens are at the back table for one-on-one tutoring. In the boat a parent is reading aloud to his children while two tourists are emailing to loved ones back home about their wonderful Rocky Mountain holiday. The Library is a busy day to day scene.

The library also provides weekly programs for toddlers, Minecraft for kids, the Textile group, the Jam session and monthly events for teens, book club, seed library, free Legal advice, author workshops and much more. Many of these events are held in the Annex: an old building without adequate seating, water or washrooms.

Our elderly building is bulging at the seams with children and adults who look on the Library/Museum as a second home. In order to adequately serve our citizens we need to move from our present building.

Stefi McLean
On behalf of the Library and Museum Boards