There will be an opportunity for the public to vote on April 30 on whether the citizens of this area wish to support the McBride and District Public Library and Museum to relocate to 521 Main Street.

This would be a golden opportunity for McBride to pick up economically, as McBride used to be in a more vibrant state than now.

What some people are concerned about is that they think their taxes will increase. What they are not thinking about is that even if the amount of the figure on their tax bill will be higher, it is that most everyone who owns a home, and claims and receives the homeowner grant, will NOT actually be PAYING anything more than before. The homeowner grant should cover it. So in effect the home owners would be getting a nice new Library and Museum absolutely FREE, and also helping the economy to pick up in this area. One example is to entice tourists to stop and investigate this area, and therefore add to and improve this depressed economy. So I do hope, and encourage people to vote YES on April 30, to support the move to 521 Main Street, or as I see it, McBride and area will be even worse off if this does not happen, and the re-location is turned down and rejected.

Many people are not aware that the McBride and District Public Library is the steward for the Community Literacy Outreach Contract. It is through this mandate that the Open Gate Garden has been created. We are grateful for the support the Staff and Board of the Library have provided for this very successful community project. The garden is an example of positive community collaborations that our Librarian Naomi Balla-Boudreau promotes throughout the community.

Vernon Pawloske and Nancy Taylor
McBride and Dunster