By Laura KeilValemount McBride softball

Players from Gr. 4-8 in McBride and Valemount participated in a few exhibition games in Valemount on Sunday.

McBride Coach Debbie Traquair said the games were more fun than competition. “All the kids had a great time while learning some baseball skills,” she said. She thanked the parents who helped drive kids to Valemount including Jenny Shawara and Jen Quam. There will be another tournament with Valemount and McBride teams in McBride sometime in June, the date is yet to be announced. Valemount coach Lynn Lawless says they will be play the RCMP on Monday June 8th from 3:00 – 5:00. The public is welcome to watch. Jason Nash and Kelsey Dawson also coached the Valemount teams.

McBride players included: Braxtyn Shawara, Brooklyn Basaran, Chayse Shawara, Tristan Alspaugh, Jeremiah Alspaugh, Taylor Traquair, Jediah Rich, London Shawara, Kyra Littlechild, Ethan Quam, Connor Quam, Maddy Philpott, Alison Moore, Kiernen Ingles, Thieden Ingles, Lucus Franke. Valemount Blue players: Benhardt DuToit, Ryan McNee, Braden Smith, Alex Mueck, Danelle DuToit, Ellie Deuling, Lehna Cuddeback, Garrett Nash, Kylee Ilnicki, Aubrey Scheller Valemount Red players: Matthew Lawless, Sydnie Pelletier, Emily Kunka, Riley Kunka, Jaxson Black, Dawson Wikstrom, Zach Williams, Taleigha Tinsley-Dawson, Tatianna Broesma, Chase Krusyfix, Karli Lawless.

Valemount McBride softball (2)

Game 1 Valemount Blue: 18 McBride Team 1: 6
Game 2 Valemount Red : 13 McBride Team 2: 16
Game 3 Valemount Red : 12 McBride Team 1 : 6
Game 4 Valemount Blue: 13 McBride Team 2: 10