Father’s Day BBQ, geocaching fun & markets

June 30, 2015 The Goat
Photos: Beth Russell & Korie Marshall Bob Hoskins and Mike Birkenpas, members of The Yellowhead Highway Ramblers, and Blue Syntax entertained residents and participants in the Valemount Museum’s Geocaching event last weekend. Byron Bustin, President […]

Letter: Witch hunt editorial: hear, hear!

June 30, 2015 The Goat
“Witch hunt” is exactly right, it’s like we are back in the 17th century. A strong and intelligent woman being persecuted and devalued for doing her job the best she can (a very good job indeed now that the audit results are back). […]

No shortcuts for due process

June 29, 2015 The Goat
I’ve just read both local newspapers and I’m thoroughly disgusted. Did Steve Van Hafften really believe village staff could, (wink-wink), provide a fast track past due process and through village council? Mr. Van Hafften, I […]

McBride Grad 2015

June 28, 2015 The Goat
Photos: Frank Green The grads let loose, blowing soap bubbles for the crowd (L to R) Molly Mortensen, JD Cardinal, Gabriel Bressette, Adaleena Mercuri, Austyn Pelton, Avery McGhee, Jaedyn Rich (also middle right). 2015 Grads: […]
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