Photos courtesy Diane Smith, Matthew Wheeler and Sheilagh Foster

Photographers keen to immortalize McBride’s 2015 Pioneer Days were spoiled for choice, with parading jalopies, jockeys, able sportspersons and gleeful locals galore thronging the streets.
Elizabeth Trask and son Cooper riding Gallagher in McBride’s Pioneer Days Parade June 6th
Maurice and Isabelle Bonneville in a 1908 Brass T Ford.
Lester Blouin and his horses displaying a 1930s grader, once operated by the Village, now belonging to Maurice Bonnevile.
Bumblebees Lina and Aiden Roth advertising the “Huny Wagin”.
Tom Ryan and his horse Q get ready for a show.
Lyn Smith and Linda Fry choreographed the parade of more than 40 old cars and other vehicles. Many were from Ron Baer’s collection. Marion Cousineau takes obvious delight in driving this Model A Roadster.
Teagan and Sawyer Trask in their repair wagon.