I just wanted to say how great your Editorial was last week.

I just hope the rest of our fair little community can gain some insight from it and stop listening to the toxic & hypocritical BS being spread by the bullies. “Witch hunt” is exactly right, it’s like we are back in the 17th century. A strong and intelligent woman being persecuted and devalued for doing her job the best she can (a very good job indeed now that the audit results are back) while dealing with the small & backward minded, yet very vocal and persuasive bullies of this town – sounds exactly like a witch hunt to me. The sad part as you alluded to in your editorial is the bullies use nothing but logical fallacies to support their position with little in the way of hard facts & data. Oh well, more medieval thinking so I suppose that should come as no surprise. I wonder if any of them still think the world is flat?

As you said, we are going to be in a world of hurt if she leaves and I really admire Anne for being so strong through all this nonsense; but I’m sure she can’t keep it up much longer. I know the CAO position is a thankless job no matter who is wearing that hat, but no person should have to go through what she has had to endure over the past several months.

Yep, the organizational audit was a complete waste of time & money, but perhaps it will turn out to be money and time well spent if it finally opens a few more eyes up and the silent majority starts speaking up against the noisy bullies & rats of our little village and stops letting them poison our community every chance they get. I think it’s fairly obvious the only thing this group of rats really care about is their own gain; they demonstrate little care or concern about the village or the people living here; of that I’m sure! I’m in high hopes this editorial and future ones will continue to educate the public – again great job!

John Salt