As a Valemount resident for 25 years, I’ve met many good folks. Doctors, teachers, drug users, drunks, bums, etc. I’m open minded and not mad at anyone. That way many friends come to visit me and bring me food to eat plus help me in need. It goes both ways. I help folks in need.

There are some folks who take advantage, and I’ve basically lost everything. The worst was a mortgage through a faithful, reliable woman. It cost me dearly on top of the fees. After a few years, with compound interest, it was higher than the original loan. Besides the high taxes and hydro bills, etc.

So the wolves in sheepskin clothing all work together to corner me, greedy to the teeth and hard to beat. Other troubles bubble up underneath and the stoop pigeons watch to see where I put my feet. Serving me with papers on the spot to fill their own pot – and I can go to hell and rot.

But I believe there is still a need to teach others my trade, partly in design.

Folks often ask me for help as business lawyers try to fleece me more, to move on or stay. The force is there.

Henry Unger