It sounds like the high tech bathroom at Centennial Park isn’t perfect (September 14th RMG: C3-Pee-O) . I’ll venture it’s better than what we’ve had. The last public washroom was”¦ less good.

Nostalgic folks may remember it on good days, one of the handful of sunny summer days it was open”¦ it was out of service for most of the year, often vandalized and rarely clean enough for comfort.

Having a free, open, public bathroom is essential, and long gone are the days of having access to a government building’s facilities, much less a private business’s premises.

C3-Pee-0 is a solution to a really important reality: everybody poops!

I’ve heard complaints about the cost of the facility, as though cost should prevent anyone from offering this most basic service.

You can’t get a building permit for a home without a bathroom”¦ how could you be permitted to build an entire community (and invite tourists to boot) without having a public washroom? This is a cost of doing business as a town.

I hope the concerns of the users expressed in the RMG can be addressed. But hoorah for the village for making this happen and hoorah for C3-Pee-O.

Andru McCracken
Valemount, BC