I’m proposing a radical change in how to vote, i.e., how one decides which Party to support.
We teach our children how to walk, drive, cook, budget, play sports and so on. Why do we direct them how to vote? There is constant angst in the media about how to get out the youth vote. As a 65 year old, I have a suggestion for us older folks. We have the power to make the younger vote matter.
We need to ask them which Party they support (and why), and then we vote the way they want. That is how we can help make their vote matter and how we can support them in designing their planet. It’s not ours anymore. They have to live with the consequences of voting for far longer than us older folks.
It’s a huge leap, as it’s a complete reversal of the power balance, but if that’s what it takes to get youth to vote, so be it.

Tom Rankin