The election is over. The majority have spoken.

It is very difficult to live in such a divided community. I am very uncomfortable entering and supporting some of the local businesses because of their obvious lack of support for the democratic system of voting. One must be very careful who you talk to or sit with or some people will not say “hello” when they meet you in a doorway or on the street or in the local supermarket. How sad.

We have a new Council. Why not show them some support and respect as certainly the voters did. Our community is already divided in so many ways – why rip it apart even further. We did come together for Hockeyville – why not for McBride?

Let the democratic system work – get off their backs and quit poisoning the network with garbage – it is so embarrassing and demeaning for all of us – have a little pride. Is this the picture we want people to see of our McBride? Let the new Council make their decisions and their mistakes as was done in the past and will be done in the future. What is the best decision today may not be the one you would make in three months or even in three days, given the information required to make that decision.

Most of us are here by choice – beautiful valley, good water, lack of violence. Please, let’s eat the sour grapes and move forward with some positive attitudes and promote a future for our beautiful town. Let us create some employment and get some of our young people back. Let’s hear your thoughts.

A very concerned resident and voter,

Dawna Hickerty

PS – It would certainly be nice to see some support from Shirley Bond on this issue.