By: Korie Marshall

There’s an upturned couch, covered in moss, sitting in the trees along the edge of the Swift Creek Trail, but someone has recently added new garbage – about five boxes of fresh meat bones.

Bill Russell says he uses the trail which starts at the end of Main Street quite often, and is concerned the raw bones will attract bears and other predators. Already some animal has spread some of the larger bones around the trail.

“It smells disgusting,” says Jeff Wood, who often uses the trail on his bike.

“It’s unfortunate that garbage continues to be dumped here, there and everywhere,” says Patricia Thoni, president of the Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association. She says the organization has no defined plans for maintenance of local trails, but members look after them as best they can on a volunteer basis.

“In the past Rudi and I have cleaned up a trailer load from near there and likely will again,” says Thoni.