By: Laura Keil

Rec Sites and Trails BC is warning hikers that an aggressive grizzly has been spotted near Little Lost Lake trail near Tete Jaune.

The government put out the warning June 9th on their website, explaining the female grizzly is with two cubs and is in the general Little Lost Lake area.

Those using the trail should proceed with extreme caution.

Several aggressive grizzlies have been a concern in the Jasper area this year, charging vehicles and proving to be a menace to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

A cyclist narrowly escaped a lethal attack when a grizzly bit into his backpack which contained bear spray. The bear spray thwarted the bear in the nick of time. Read that story here.

There are also several downed trees on the Little Lost Lake trail making passage to the lake difficult. Hikers will see remnants of the recent mudslide that covered Hwy 16 along one section of the trail. The creek adjacent to the trail blew out and has been fortified with higher banks done by heavy machinery. The trail itself and the footbridge across the creek are not damaged.

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