Submitted by Robson Valley RCMP

In an effort to better keep the community informed the Robson Valley Regional RCMP will be providing weekly press releases to the local papers. The list is not inclusive of all calls of service the local RCMP detachments receive, but provides a cross section of what is happening in the Robson Valley.

Robson Valley Regional RCMP in McBride and Valemount wish to report a relatively uneventful week for calls for service within both communities. Officers on patrol have particularly noted a buildup of extreme black ice along some sections of Highway 5 and Highway 16 due to the recent mild temperatures and light precipitation occurring during the late evening and early morning hours. With the recent bout of fatal and injury collisions investigated by both detachments, some of the motoring public is still failing to slow down and drive at a safe speed to compensate for these extreme road conditions. Officers are finding that some drivers get the misconception that the roadways are simply wet when they are actually literally covered in ice. When the officers even find themselves slipping or falling down as they approach the driver of a vehicle after being stopped for driving too fast for the slippery road conditions, it is alarming to think of the consequences if that vehicle actually lost control or tried to suddenly stop to avoid collision with an animal or perhaps another vehicle. Police are strongly encouraging the motoring public to be to be cognizant of the sudden change in road conditions and to slow down so they get to their destinations safely and especially – ALIVE!