Submitted by Constable Bill McKenna, Robson Valley RCMP

Spring is here and the biking season has finally arrived. Cyclists are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the motor vehicle act as it pertains to cycling laws and to inspect their bicycles to ensure they meet mandatory equipment standards, such as reflectors and lights for poor visibility and at night. Robson Valley RCMP wish to remind residents that enforcement of cycling laws and regulations will be becoming a focus in an effort to maintain public safety. Enforcement will consist of written and verbal warnings for minor offences and/or the issuing of violation tickets for safety infractions and repeat offences.

Wearing an approved helmet is mandatory unless you have an exemption. Operators of cycles have the same rights and duties as a driver of a motor vehicle such as stopping at stop signs, intersections and cross walks, and driving on the right hand portion of the road way.

Fail to wear helmet: $29.00 fine (issued to riders 16 years and older)

Permit cycling without helmet: $29.00 fine (issued to Parent or guardian of rider 15 years and under)

Ride cycle without proper lights, reflectors or functioning brakes: $109.00 fine